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What i wear and what i use. This is my complet collection.




  • ME100 S [Marigold]
  • ME101 S [Marigold] x2
  • ME101 M [Marigold]
  • ME103 S [Marigold]
  • ME104 S [Marigold] x2
  • ME104 L [Marigold]
  • Wrist lenght gloves (with rolled edges) S [No brand] <3
  • Wrist lenght gloves (with rolled edges) M [No brand] <3
  • Wrist lenght gloves (with rolled edges) S 0.6 Black [Cheap]
  • Wrist lenght gloves (with rolled edges) S 0.6 Red [Cheap]
  • Wrist lenght gloves (with rolled edges) M 0.6 Black [Cheap]
  • Wrist lenght gloves (with rolled edges) M 0.6 Red [Cheap]
  • Heavy Wrist lenght gloves (with rolled edges) S 0.6 Red [Rubber Bro] <3
  • Short gloves, 0.25 mm, black, with rolled edges S [Blackstyle] x2
  • Short gloves, 0,35 mm, black, S [Blackstyle] x2
  • Short gloves, 0,60 mm, black, M [Blackstyle] x2
  • Long elbow 1520 S [Fetisso]
  • Wrist gloves S (without rolled edge) [STR] (left only)
  • Wrist gloves 330502 S (without rolled edge) [MisterB]
  • Wrist gloves 330503 M (without rolled edge) [MisterB]
  • Wrist gloves short (with rolled edges), 0.35 mm, S [Ebay]
  • Wrist gloves short (with rolled edges), 0.35 mm, M [Ebay]
  • Matching gloves, for 15279 catsuit, M [Latex Catfish]
  • Matching gloves, for 15277 catsuit, M [Latex Catfish]

Feets – boots



  • Ziped, glued, eyes and mouth open 0.6mm [No Brand]
  • Anatomical chinese head 0.8mm, eyes open, mouth accessible [Ebay]
  • Latex mask with open chin [Blackstyle]
  • Anatomical mask, eyes closed of Fetisso Size S + M [Fetisso]
  • Muzzle [Blackstyle]
  • Zip entry, mouth open and noses, no eyes [Regulation]
  • Cat mask half [No brand]
  • Open face hood [Fetisso]
  • Pull on, perfored eyes, mouth close, glued [No brand]
  • Pull on, perfored eyes, little mouth open, glued [No brand]
  • Pull on, Micro-perfored eyes/mose/mouth, glued [Kinkingenering]
  • Mask with large mouth opening, 0.6mm eyes closed, Size M [Blackstyle]


  • Anatomical Mask with Zip and Nose Tubing, 1.5mm Size M, Eyes closed, Mouth open [Blackstyle]
  • Anatomical 1mm, clear eyes medium, anatomical gag mouth orange, nose tubes orange lenght 4–10cm, size 41 [Studio Gum]
  • Rubber Gate Mouth Mask [Invincible Rubber]
  • Rubber mask adapt insect with spider harness, red + multi lens (Special request) [Invincible Rubber]


  • Anubis mask hodded medium with ankle hoses [Wildgasmask] + inflatable DIY system
  • British Avon S10 hooded [Blackstyle]
  • British Avon S10 for rebreathing Size 2 black eyes
  • British Avon S10 Size 3 mirror eyes
  • British Avon S10 Size 3 black eyes
  • British Avon S10 Size 2 black eyes with fuckable Fleshlight
  • Russian SMS Size 1 for insert gags & breathplay [Blackstyle]
  • Russian SMS Size 2 for insert gags & breathplay [Blackstyle]
  • Russian PBF Size 1 [Blackstyle]
  • Russian PBF Size 2 [Blackstyle]
  • Russian GPA Size 1y for rebreather [Blackstyle]
  • Russian GPA Size 2y full black [Blackstyle]
  • Russian GPA Size 2y [Blackstyle]
  • Russian GPA Size 0y for rebreather [Blackstyle]
  • Russian SIMIANE Size 2 hooded [Rubbershop]
  • USA Advantage 1000 Size M + tinted smoke + dual port 40mm [MSA]
  • Israeli 4A1 Civilian [Ebay]
  • British Avon FM12 Size 2

Gasmasks accessories

  • S10 black eyes outsert (for 2 masks) [Ebay]
  • FM12 black eyes cover
  • S10 inserts optical mounts with correctional glasse [Ebay] x4
  • Filters 40mm black x2
  • Filters 40mm green x2
  • Breath reduce, hole 4mm x2 [No brand]
  • Eye patches for black eyes mask, pair [Blackstyle]
  • Tubing for gasmask, fabric coated [Blackstyle] x2
  • Close Quarter Combat gasmask hose [US Military] x2
  • Neck respirator rubber smell bags system [Rubber Shop]
  • MSA Tinted/smoke Lens Outsert for Advantage 1000  [MSA]
  • Anti fog [Cressi]
  • Gas Mask Hose with Aromas Pump · R – Black [Ebay]
  • Gas Mask Hose with Aromas Pump · L – Black [Ebay]
  • Pump Bulb Extension Kit [Ebay] x2
  • Ventilator / Respirator PAPR C420 [MSA]. Missing the battery [PRC68]
  • Convertion Kit 40mm MSA Advantage [MSA]



  • Suit Trickster kangaroo white Size 52 [Dainese]
  • Jacket Super Speed C2 Black Size 52 [Dainese]
  • Pant Delta Pro C2 Black Size 52 [Dainese]
  • Suit Aero Evo D1 Size 52 [Dainese]
  • Suit Avro Race black Size 52 [Dainese]
  • Boots GP Supertech R Size 41 [Alpinestar]
  • Helmet Chaser Haga replica Size M  [Arai]
  • Chrome Iridium visior for Chaser helmet [Arai]
  • Helmet Vancore Braco White/Black Size L [Shark]
  • Helmet Spartan carbon silicium anthracite/red [Shark]
  • Chrome Iridium visor for Spartan helmet [Shark]
  • Gloves GP Pro R1 white/red Size M [Alpinestar]
  • Gloves GP Pro R2 Black M [Alpinestar]
  • Gloves GP Pro R2 Black L [Alpinestar]
  • Gloves Carbon black Size S [Dainese]
  • Gloves Druid 3 Red fluo L [Dainese]
  • Textile underweare Dcore armor (pant + tee-shirt) black [Dainese]
  • Chest-Body protection Wave Pro 2 Size M [Dainese]
  • Chest-Body protection Wave Pro 2 Size L [Dainese]
  • Chest-Body protection Wave Pro 2 Size XL [Dainese]
  • Action Short Evo size M (compatible Wave Pro) [Dainese]
  • Knees protection (compatible Wave Pro) [Dainese]
  • Leg small bag [Dainese]
  • Leg backpack drop bag [Dainese]
  • Thermal underwear tee-shirt black [Skins]
  • Thermal underwear pant black [Skins]
  • Suit Orange/white Size 52 [KTM]

Motocross MX

Fox Racing

  • Pant 180 orange 2018 Size 32
  • Tee-shirt 180 orange 2018 Size M
  • Pant 360 orange 2016 Size 32
  • Tee-shirt 360 orange 2016 Size M
  • Helmet V3 orange 2016 Size L
  • Goggles Air Defence with Orange/Iridium/Smock visior
  • Gloves orange 2016 Size M
  • Gloves orange 2018 Size S
  • Gloves orange 2019 Size M
  • Chest protector Black/Orange Size L
  • Socks Long black/white Size 43–46
  • Boots Instinct orange 2016 Size 44,5

Other brands

  • Neck brace 5.5 Orange/KTM [Leatt]



  • Diving suit S5, 7 [Orca]
  • Diving suit [Gotcha]
  • Diving suit A:1 Blue, 7 [2XU]
  • Diving suit X:3 Gold [2XU]
  • Diving fins B101, 42–43 EU [Britmarine]
  • Traditional diving mask, silicon [Rough Waters]

Military (Multicam)

Petite tenue pour la pratique de l’Airsoft.

Kit List :

  • Chassis [FLYYE]
  • Shoulder Pads [FLYYE]
  • Double Mag Pouch .308 M14 [EMDOM] x4
  • Hydra pouch [FLYYE]
  • Vest Hydration Backpack [FLYYE]
  • Admin pouch in crye [OPS]
  • Medical First Aid Kit Pouch [FLYYE]
  • Short Radio Pouch [FLYYE]
  • Strobe Flash Light Pouch [FLYYE]
  • Balistic Belt [FLYYE]
  • Magazine Drop Dump Pouch [FLYEE]
  • Small MOLLE Accessories Pouch [FLYYE]
  • Battle shirt with elbow pads [OPS]
  • Direct action shirt in Crye Multicam [OPS]
  • Direct action pants with da knee pads [OPS]
  • Ceinturon [SPIDER]
  • Profile Turbo Cam Goggle [ESS]
  • Goggle cover
  • Assault SI Gloves [OAKLEY]
  • Elite Spider 8.0 Desert Boot [Magnum]
  • FN SCAR Heavy Gen. III Flat Dark Earth [VFC]
  • Magnifier
  • Chariot Flip LaRue
  • EOTech
  • Gunslinger Sling [EMDOM]
  • Spring Snap Sling Hook (H&K style) [EMDOM]
  • M14 Magazine (x10) [G&P] (Pour remplir les poches ^^)
  • Cover tube [davvowl]

Source :


To be restricted, volontarily or NOT !



  • Rubber Sleep sack black with belt Size M [Regulation]
  • Rubber Vacuum bed Size king-size black with penis hole [Regulation]
  • Vacuum automatic pump [DIY] with reservor
  • Latex bondage mittens, inflatable, restraints [Blackstyle]
  • Latex bondage mittens with restraints [Blackstyle]
  • Heavy leather Sci-Fi hood [Fetters]
  • Sling 1 point [Blackstyle]
  • Suspension leather harness [Fetters]
  • Leather bondage hood black Black [No Brand] x2
  • Leather bondage hood black White [No Brand]
  • Funnel hood leather black [No Brand]
  • Anatomical hood, laced, 3mm, just nose opening [No brand]
  • Toilet mask [Studiogum]




  • Anesthe…………..
  • Popper inhaler
  • Rebreather valve
  • Medical Rubber tube 1m [Blackstyle] x4
  • Bottle 2L for bubbles [Rubbernet]
  • Gasmask adaptor for rubber tubes [Blackstyle]
  • Medical Tube connector [Blackstyle]
  • Re-breathing mask size 5–6 [Blackstyle]
  • Resuscitator with re-breathing bag [Blackstyle]


All i can use alone, generaly for anal pleasure. But can be used by another guy too !

Urethral play

  • Silicon urethral set x3 black [Sport fucker]
  • Stainless steel urethral 7mm
  • Single-use gloves [Unigloves]
  • Disinfectant for hands [Novo’Life]
  • Disinfectant [Steripan]
  • Toy and Body Cleaner [Swiss Navy]
  • Sterile gel [K‑Y]
  • Cathether Foley latex Size CH18 + CH22
  • Sterile gloves medical transparent Size S
  • Urine sterile bags + straps

Anal play


Dick (simply)